461st plaque

461st Bombardment Group (H)

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CO Photo Album

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In going through the archives of the 461st Commanding Officer, Col. Frederic E. Glantzberg, I came across the following photos.  According to the captions typed on the backs of the photos, I gather they were taken by someone visiting Torretta Field some fifteen years after the war - 1959-60.

461st Headquarters
Hq 461st Bomb Group (H) as it appears 15 years later.

765th area

765th area and some of the Italian families.  Note the lean-to center of the picture.  I was charged with this piece of construction to serve as a dining hall thus getting us out of the horse stables.  A few A-2 jackets, plus a few bottles of "Black Death", and "Three Fathers" were used as trading material to provide cement, nails & roofing.

765th area

765th area entrance.  Olive grove completely gone.  Road to the 461st Group does not exist.  High structure to the left was our Officers' mess, now subdivided to serve as quarters for a portion of the 20 plus Italian families existing there.

461st entrance

Entrance to Hq 461st Bomb Group (H).  In the foreground was the vehicle parking area.

461st area
461st area looking toward the flight line.  Road center foreground formerly led to the flight line now ends at the cluster of small buildings.
461st area
461st area looking toward the strip.  The road formerly leading to the strip does not exist.  Road ends at the background cluster of buildings.  I believe these buildings served as the group motor pool.
Entrance to 461st Officers' mess
Entrance to the 461st Group Officers' mess.
461st area
A portion of the 461st area.  If I remember right this set of buildings housed the enlisted mens' mess or club, Red Cross office, and Chaplain.
461st area
A portion of the 461st area on the way to the 765th.  Providing I remember this portion served as the dental shop, theater, and Officers' mess.