461st plaque

461st Bombardment Group (H)

Unknown Photos

These are pictures I feel are part of the 461st, but have been unable to identify completely.  I have posted as much information as I have for each of these pictures, but would appreciate it if someone could help me place the pictures where they should be.  If you can supply any information at all, please write me at Webmaster.  Click on each picture for a larger view and then use your back button to return here.  Thanks.

USA line 

Coles, Dusenbury, Pruit and DeWitte
I've been told that four of these men are Coles, Dusenbury, Pruit and DeWitte. Who is the fifth man and what order are they?  I've been told the first man on the left is Marion Pruitt.
Moved to 767th Riley crew #68.
Rush, Scotty, Shaw and Ucci
Memorial service for President Roosevelt. I have four names of men in the front row - Rush, Scotty, Shaw and Ucci. 15 Apr 1945.
General Twining
General Twining presenting the 461st with a Presidential Citation. DUC presentation 6 Nov 1944.  James Parvin is holding the American flag.
Men working on a P-51. Who are they? I think one is Sheafe.
hole in boot
Lucky airman showing off hole in boot from flak. Who is he?
Photo move to Torretta page. Foggia or Bari
At first glance this appears to be Torretta Field, but it doesn't match the other photos I have of Torretta Field. Might it be Foggia or Bari?
Headquarters enlisted men
There are enlisted men in this photo. Perhaps late 1944? Headquarters enlisted men?

Photo in CO Photo Album with caption now.
Courtesy of Scott Follansbee
Comments by Alberto Marchesi
The port of Taranto, Italy.  The ship is either the "Amerigo Vespucci" or "Cristoforo Colombo".
Bridge in town
Courtesy of Scott Follansbee
Comments by Alberto Marchesi
Bridge in Taranto, Italy.