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Al Ataque

Al Ataque

History / General

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Publication Date: Nov-2006

Price: $26.95

Size: 6 x 9

Author: Hughes Glantzberg

ISBN: 0-595-41572-5

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Publication Date: Nov-2006

Price: $36.95

Size: 6 x 9

Author: Hughes Glantzberg

ISBN: 0-595-86486-4

413 Pages

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Al Ataque is an excellent book that describes the preparation a bomb group goes through before being deployed overseas as well as the problems of shipping over five thousand men and supplies along with some eighty B-24 aircraft from a stateside base to a foreign country. The book details the establishment of Torretta Field which was used by the 461st for the duration of the war in Europe. The 461st Bomb Group flew two hundred and twenty-three combat missions between April 1944 and April 1945. Each of these is described in the book. Personal experiences of veterans who were actually part of the 461st are included.

"Just started your book, seventy-nine pages so far,and can best describe it as some of the best reading ever! I could barely put it down long enough to shower and prepare for a brief visit, so I thought I'd let you know how it took me.

"Reading the names of the officers you have listed was like attending a class reunion: Capt. Dooley, 1st Lt. Mixon, 2nd Lt Ford (my wife's father), 2nd Lt. Richard Fawcett (for whom Lt. Ford's widow, Marian, named their son, Richard), 2nd Lt. Moss, 2nd Lt. Ahlberg, Maj. Applegate, and your father (a GREAT picture of him, by the way!), Lyman Delameter and others I have had the privilege to meet, talk to and/or learn about.

"Like your father's speeches, you have really put together a spellbinder! And your father could really make a helluva speech, couldn't he?

"The critique still stands. I finished the book the day following my original e-mail and was not disappointed, nor swayed from my original opinion. Thank you for your monumental effort."

Paul Beard

Fairland, IN

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